The Road Goes Ever On


Change is a complex situation. There are many things to be excited about change, such as new experiences and fresh perspectives. However, change is also difficult to cope to, no matter how bright the horizon appears to be. It’s not the big things that make change difficult, either: The concepts that come to mind first for change aren’t usually the ones that persist underneath the surface and rise up after the fact. It’s the little things that bubble up later, the creature comforts and tidbits here and there that get ignored in the thick of things.

It’s been roughly two months since I left SalesPad, and slightly shorter since I started my new position as a web developer, and those feelings of longing are finally beginning to surface. The thing that cries out for attention the most is my niche, or rather, the thing that had been my niche for half a decade, maybe even more (even before starting at SalesPad): Business, specifically, business management and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

My first encounter with this topic was a business management class in high school, but even beyond that, this particular domain would visit time and time again through the years after that, through my relatives that worked in software development and software customization with PeopleSoft and SAP. Before I ever considered working in the field myself, my surroundings were inundated with discussion of ERP and ERP integrations, and it wasn’t too long after that, while working on my Computer Science degree, I had a flight of fancy and got the appropriate waivers to take an introductory course in Business Information Systems: A class on business process and ERP in SAP and, to a lesser extent, Access. Ever since then, order processing and order workflows have been the focus of my professional life, and now, I find myself working outside of that niche.

I don’t think I’ll ever really fully exit the business process niche in my head, but I’ve come out it with a solid idea of where I want to find myself in the future, and the skill sets I want to develop and focus on. That, at the very least, is a change that I want to embrace and spring forward with.