SalesPad, A Retrospective


Friday, April 30th marked the end of my four years and some months at SalesPad, LLC, and my first professional development position. It's been a great four years at SalesPad, and I come out of having learned a great deal about my trade, myself, and what I want out of my career and work environment. SalesPad was my first foray into non-trivial development. I had done my fair share of smaller focused projects in school, and had even worked on an internal utility with Gordon Food Services in Grand… Read More

Setting up Electron with TypeScript


I don't typically explore native desktop or mobile development, since I can just host a web app on a Raspberry Pi or VPS and access the app anywhere on anything, sometimes I just need a tool that I will only be using on one computer and need to store data on the filesystem. For that purpose, I'm going to be exploring Electon. Setup I'm going to be using Yarn 1.x as a package manager, and since the 1.x branch is mostly a drop-in replacement for npm, it should be easy to adapt any commands to npm… Read More

Hello, Again


It's been a while since I went back to maintaining any sort of blog or journal, but here we are again, this time with Gatsby and Material-UI. Jekyll had been my previous choice for maintaining this page, but since the last time that I intentionally used Jekyll, I've gone from being a Rubyist at heart to someone more used to the JavaScript and developing for the web. It's still rough around the edges, but that will change over time. To pair with the refresh and revamp of this site, I'm taking… Read More

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